How Heartgard Plus for Dogs Works

Published: 16th July 2009
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Heartgard Plus are the leading brand of heartworm pills available today. But how does Heartgard Plus for dogs actually work?

Heartgard Plus is an oral heartworm medicine. To alleviate any problems with fussy eaters, the Heartgard medication is supplied in the form of a tasty chewable treat. These 'chewables' contain beef to make them appetising to the most reticent tablet taker, but this does mean they are not suitable for dogs with sensitivities to beef. For those delicate pooches, ordinary Heartgard tablets will need to be bought.

Heartgard Plus for dogs contain Ivermectin, which is an effective controller of many parasites. It is used widely for the treatment of a wide range of internal parasites in farm animals and in the treatment of dogs who test positive for full blown heartworm disease. The volume of Ivermectin contained in dog heartworm medicine is so small that it only eliminates heartworm larvae.

Heartgard Plus medication does not prevent larval heartworms infecting your dog, it stops them living long enough to cause any problem. The way the heartworm medicine aspect of Heartgard Plus medication works is in a retrospective manner. Each month your dog is given his chewable and the active ingredient slowly destroys all heartworm larvae which have infected the blood during the previous thirty days. Because the drug works backwards, eliminating parasites before they can progress to adulthood, it is crucial that the treatment is given every month. Otherwise larvae deposited in your dog's bloodstream via a mosquito bite can grow and eventually reproduce. Although Ivermectin heartworm medications are good at eliminating larvae which have been in the system longer than a month, their efficiency reduces as the larvae grow.

Alongside an extremely reliable heartworm preventative, Heartgard Plus chewables also contain Pyrantel, another parasite controller. This one targets roundworm and hookworms. Using Heartguard Plus for dogs eliminates the need for an additional deworming regime, providing a convenient method of controlling both intestinal worms and heartworms together.

For more information about heartworm medicine or to buy Heartgard Plus for dogs visit the Heartworms, Dogs and Cats website.

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